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4th International Academic Conference Human. Computer. Communication

The 4th International Academic Conference Human. Computer. Communication is to be held at Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Applied Linguistics (Lviv, Ukraine) on September 25–27, 2019.

Conference topics include:

  • structural, applied, mathematical linguistics;
  • computational, statistical and quantitative linguistics;
  • application of mathematical methods in lingual phenomena and advanced information technologies modeling;
  • virtual systems of professional interaction in linguistics;
  • linguistic problems of network communications and linguistic internetics;
  • theory and systems of analysis/synthesis of speech information (automatic and automated systems of recognition and synthesis of phonetic speech);
  • theory, practice and systems of translation;
  • machine (automated, automatic) translation;
  • corpus linguistics;
  • classic and computer lexicography;
  • cognitive linguistics;
  • psycholinguistics;
  • communicative linguistics;
  • discourse analysis;
  • sociolinguistics;
  • language and gender studies;
  • linguistic expertise and forensic linguistics.

Submit your application form by February 1, 2019 by e-mail to taran.oksana.serg@gmail.com (subject: Human. Computer. Communication).


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