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6.051.00 Economics
Qualification awarded : Bachelor of Economics
Entry year: 2017
Program duration: 4 years
Number of credits: 240 credits ECTS
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: First (Bachelor) level, 7-th level of NQF, EHEA first Cycle
Field(s) of study: Social and Behavioural Sciences
Specific admission requirements: No
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: If the previous degree has been obtained in the other countre then a nostrification is required, which is held by Lviv Polytechnic. The mechanism of non-formal and informal educations recognition is absent.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: The full implementation of the curriculum, the qualification exam, the pre-graduation practice according to sudject of bachelor qualification work and defense of bachelor qualification work
Characteristics of the educational program:
Bachelors of specialty «Economics» gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in economics, master the general principles of professional activity, acquire other competencies necessary to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems at professional activity in economics or in the process of learning that involves the use of economic theories and methods and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions. In particular, the educational and professional program of specialty Bachelor of Economics is based on the fundamental postulates and results of modern researches in the field of macro-, meso- and micro-economics, economics of enterprise, business, accounting and management accounting, economic analysis, investment, production, planning and control, the spatial organization of business, labor economics and social relations, personnel motivation, economic and statistical modeling and forecasting, information systems and technologies of the company. Bachelors of specialty "Economics" gain a set of knowledge and skills required to solve problems in financial, economic, informational and analytical, accounting and control, planning and design areas of economic activity, the implementation of new concepts of human resource management, development of socially-oriented measures of economic development of enterprises.
Gained competence:
– the ability to combine theory and practice, make decisions and develop a strategy to meet the challenges of specialty (specialization) on the basis of universal values, social, national and business interests;
– the ability to collect and process data, evaluate results, make decisions and defend their arguments;
– ability to carry out applied research and apply research skills at professional subjects;
– ability to carry out formulation and formalization of economic problems, solve them due to methods of economic-mathematical modeling and modern software;
– the ability to analyze and evaluate resources, expenses, projects, business processes, enterprise business model, financial and economic performance of enterprise, the potential of the enterprise, results of enterprise performance, social and economic development of the region; identify and use reserves to improve the performance indexes;
– the ability to diagnose the environment, identify strategy and shape the company's business model, simulate and monitor business processes;
– the ability to develop long-term, current and operational plans of the company and its divisions, business plans, investment;
– ability to conduct research of labor market and processes in social and labor issues, identify and justify the optimal forms of work organization for a particular entity, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of measures to improve labour organization;
– the ability to elaborate policy of selection and development of personnel, develop effective motivation and remuneration systems;
– the ability to develop and implement modern technologies of personnel management in compliance with the laws of Ukraine.
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of economic concepts, scientific economic theories and methods;
– the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of economic decisions in public, social and environmental context;
– the ability to produce creative ideas, develop and manage projects, perform professional tasks independently and collectively;
– the ability to adapt to new situations and make tactical decisions;
– the ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge of at least one of the areas of economics: business economics; labor economics and human resource management;
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge of normative and legal foundations of economic activity of enterprises;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of the analysis of administrative, informational and motivational characteristics of personnel activities.
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge of professionaly-oriented disciplines of the specialty in enterprise economics, business, accounting, economic analysis, investment, production, planning and control at the enterprise, the spatial organization of business, labor economics and social and labour relations, staff motivation, economic and statistical modeling and forecasting, information systems and technologies of enterprise;
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the economic mechanism of enterprise, organizational support for its functioning, methods, techniques and tools of management accounting, economic analysis, forecasting, planning, economic incentives and control;
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the latest production technologies, forms and methods of operating activity of enterprise;
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge of basic patterns of employment in market conditions and the features of the functioning of social protection of employees.
Mode of study: full
Academic mobility: Are absent, but mobility is encouraged and recognized in accordance with the ECTS procedures
Work placement(s): Practice according to subject of bachelor qualification work
Programme director: Head of education program – Skvortsov Igor Borysovych, cell: 0679200263, e-mail: i.skvorzov@gmail.com. Contact person – Zagorecka Olena Yaroslavivna, cell: 0677950605, e-mail: zagoreckao@gmail.com
Occupational profiles of graduates: The graduate is able to perform professional work in the following groups of professions (according to SC 003: 2010): assistant managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations; assistant managers of small enterprises without governing body; assistant managers of manufacturing and other key units; other specialists.
Access to further studies: Studies at Master’s degree level, programs of advanced qualification
Other program features: The program is implemented in Ukrainian and partially in English
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management