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Finance, Banking and Insurance

3.072.00 Finance, Banking and Insurance
Qualification awarded : Master in finance, banking and insurance
Entry year: 2017
Program duration: 1 years 9 months
Number of credits: 120 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: Second (Master) level, 8-th level of NQF, EHEA second Cycle
Field(s) of study: Management and Administration
Specific admission requirements: Excluded
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Total fulfillment of the curriculum, passing qualification examination and defense of master’s degree qualification work.
Characteristics of the educational program:
Students get theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient for successful discharge of their professional functions concerning financial services, insurance services, money mediation, financial market administration, fund management, etc., they prepare for further job placement according to their profession. Education and professional programme has two practical sides: finance, banking system and insurance (corporative finance), finance, banking system and insurance (finance and credit).
Gained competence:
- Learning forms and methods of the financial institutions interaction evaluation, methods of cash flow optimization, considering: changes in the value of money over time, asset structure, amount of capital, amount of expenses, portfolio of real and financial investments, the level of financial risk, dividend and credit policy of the company.
- Capacity to use methods to identify direct and indirect participants in the financial services market.
- Knowledge in the field of basic optimization techniques of financial-economic indicators and financial reorganization methods.
- Comprehension of the methods and techniques to control financial responsibility centres, modern budgeting of a corporation.
- Knowledge in the sphere of strategic analysis for the information provision formation and financial management optimization.
- Knowledge about the modern achievements of innovative technologies in the field of finance, banking and insurance.
- Familiarity with the features of bank, insurance company, fund mediator activity organizations.
- Comprehension of the scientific research plan development. The ability to apply the obtained knowledge for the determination the necessary amount of staff workers, material, technical resources, financial sources to realize a scientific research in the field of financial relations.
- Ability to understand tax monitoring process of economic operations.
- Ability to determine and interpret of the financial efficiency indexes of financial institutions; to develop and analyze of financial plans and prognoses.
- Ability to investigate the peculiarities of financial innovations introduction, their influence on socio-economic development and innovative activity of a country.
- Ability to apply the techniques of optimal planning for entrepreneurial activity in unstable market environment with elements of limited investment resources, inflated costs and business conflicts.
- Ability to apply methods of linear and dynamic programming, matrix methods and the techniques of probability theory; to identify the benefits of their applied usage in the activities of financial and non- financial corporations.
- Ability to apply sanative activities of financial, social, technical and production and organizational types for the financial and non- financial corporations.
- Ability to analyze the financial instruments and to choose the most appropriate one for the investment.
- Ability to communicate, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish).
- Ability to use various methods, in particular modern informational technologies, for effective communication on professional and social levels.
- Ability to adapt to new situations and make proper decisions.
- Ability to realize the necessity of lifelong learning with the aim of extending the gained knowledge and attaining new professional knowledge.
Mode of study: full
Academic mobility: Absent but mobility is encouraged and recognized according to procedures of ECTS
Work placement(s): Training-technological, technological, pedagogical, pre-diploma internship
Programme director: Sc.D., Prof. Bondarchuk M. K. [Maria.K.Bondarchuk@lpnu.ua]
Occupational profiles of graduates: The educationally-professional program is based on well-known positions and results of modern scientific researches in finances, banking, insurance and it orients on actual specializations. A further professional and scientific career is possible within following specializations: • a director of a small company (insurance, public accounting, advertising, etc.); • a head of an agency (insurance, trading, real estate, advertising, etc.); • a manager of monetary intermediation; financial leasing; credit; insurance; non-state pension insurance; • a lecturer of higher educational establishment; • a professional of keeping the register of owners of registered securities; • a professional of depository activity; • a professional of corporate management; • a professional of trading securities; • a professional of assets management; • a professional of trade organization at securities market; • researcher-consultant (financial and economic security of enterprises, institutions and organizations); • an analyst on financial and economic security; • a credit investment analyst; • an economist; • a project and programs management specialist in the material (immaterial) production.
Access to further studies: PhD in financial, banking and insurance industry
Other program features: The programme is implemented in Ukrainian and English
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management