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Economics Economics
Qualification awarded : Master in economics, specialism - enterprise economics
Entry year: 2020
Program duration: 1,9 years
Number of credits: 120 ECTS credits
Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework: Second (Master) level, 8-th level of NQF, EHEA second Cycle
Field(s) of study: Social and Behavioural Sciences
Specific admission requirements: No
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: If the previous degree has been obtained in the other countre then a nostrification is required, which is held by Lviv Polytechnic. The mechanism of non-formal and informal educations recognition is absent.
Qualification requirements and regulations, including graduation requirements: Full completion of the curriculum, practical training on the topic of the master's qualifying thesis and the master's thesis defence.
Characteristics of the educational program:
Educational and professional training program is based on the fundamental postulates and results of modern theoretical and applied research in economics and targets on actual specializations, within which further professional and scientific career is possible: economics of enterprise; economic development of the enterprise; business economics.
Gained competence:
– the ability to select and apply a wide range of economic methods, tools and levers, economic and mathematical methods, modern software and information and communication technologies in economic decision-making;
– ability to carry out complex, partial and element socio-economic diagnosis of various fields, types, parameters of the enterprise activity;
– the ability to plan, monitor and regulate the economic activity of the entity on the basis of strategic prospects forecasting for its operations, develop long-term and current financial and economic plans, budget planning, products costing and services pricing;
– ability to carry out financial and economic reasoning of business plans, investment and innovation projects of the entities;
– the ability to assess the competitiveness of enterprises, develop and economically justify the program of measures for its improvement;
– ability to justify the choice of funding sources and mechanisms of various kinds and areas of economic activity;
– ability to justify decisions on management of assets, resources, projects, financial and economic condition, financial and economic results of business activity of enterprises;
– the ability to identify and assess the risks of business activity of enterprises, develop and substantiate measures for its financial and economic security management;
– the ability to assess the value of tangible and intangible assets, property complexes, businesses using cost, revenue and market methods;
– the ability to justify behaviour policy in the implementation of economic processes both within the enterprise and with the agents of environment.
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of the foundations of professionally focused disciplines of speciality, particularly in: economic tools of project management and programs of development of the company; business planning and audit of investment projects; methods of empirical market research; foreign economic operations and contracts;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding of theoretical and applied principles of functioning and development of the economic mechanism of the entity;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding of the parameters and factors of internal and external enterprise environment, of transformation processes in the domestic and international economic environment and the necessity to consider them in the process of management decision-making;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of the legal grounds of economic activity of entities;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of system of economic provision of different types and areas of the company activity;
– possessing methods of scientific research in order to take post-graduate studies.
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of fundamentals and current trends of economics development at the micro, meso- and macro- levels;
– the ability to demonstrate profound knowledge of the formation and development of business career and professional ethics;
– the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues of society development;
– the ability to demonstrate basic knowledge of methodology and tools for scientific research.
Mode of study: full
Academic mobility: Are absent, but mobility is encouraged and recognized in accordance with the ECTS procedures.
Work placement(s): Practical training on the theme of master's qualifying thesis
Programme director: Head of education program – Kozyk Vasyl Vasyliovych, cell: 0676755015, e-mail: epi.dept@lpnu.ua. Contact person – Petrushka Tetiana Oleksiivna, cell: 0679276482, e-mail: petrushkat24@ukr.net
Occupational profiles of graduates: The graduate is able to perform professional work in the following groups of professions (according to SC 003: 2010): assistant managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations; assistant managers of small enterprises without governing body; assistant managers of manufacturing and other key units; other specialists.
Access to further studies: Education at the third (educational and research) higher educational level – "Doctor of Philosophy", training programs
Other program features: The program is implemented in Ukrainian and partially in English
Institute: Institute of Economics and Management