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Procedure of the admission to postgraduate studies

Documents for the admission to postgraduate studies should be submitted to the Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies (Main building, room 207) from 10.00 to 16.00 (Monday-Friday), break from 13.00 to 13.30.

The deadlines for accepting the applications and documents, entrance examination, and admission of the applicants to postgraduate studies are the following:

Stages of the admission campaign


Acceptation of the applications and documents

July 23 – August 3

Publication of the list of applicants

August 4

Conducting of the entrance examinations in a particular specialty and foreign language

August 5 – August 25

Provision of the recommendations for admission by the admissions committee concerning enrollment to postgraduate studies by appropriate sources of funding based on entrance exam results

August 26

Publication of the rating list of applicants

August 26

Submission of the original documents (Master (Specialist) Diploma and Diploma Supplement)

by 15.00 on August 28

The Admissions Committee decides on the admission to postgraduate studies of applicants who have submitted the original documents of education (Master's degree (specialist) and diploma supplement) within the specified time limits (fulfilled the condition for enrollment)

August 31

Admission of the applicants

August 31

Conclusion of the agreements and contracts

by September 3

Submission of the labor book with a record about the dismissal due to the admission to postgraduate studies from the last place of employment for stipend payments

by September 6