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Architectural Environment Design Department history

Despite the fact that the Department exists not so many years it plays one of the most significant role in the scientific and academic life of the University as well as in the whole national educational system. The Department was established in 2003 and is headed by Sc.D., Prof. Viktor Proskuryakov. The first Master’s degrees admission in majors Design of Architectural Environment and Interior Design were in June 2006.

The Architectural Environment Design is a specific area of design culture, which consists of cultural and architectural design, architectural typology and architectural environment, methodological problems in organization of architectural environment design of residential and public buildings and clusters.

The Architectural Environment Design Department trains architects in such educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor in Architecture;
  • Specialist and Master in Design of architectural environment.

The Department research area is genesis and development of architectural design environment.

The Department research area is in studying the genesis and development of practical methods and recommendations for humanization, harmonization, renovation, functional and aesthetic and artistic processing of the architecture-subject environment of public, residential and industrial estates.
The Research School Department — “Genesis and development of design of public buildings”, which is headed by Sc.D., Prof. Viktor Proskuryakov.

The main task of the Department staff is to train specialists of those kind, which would not only give them the ability of easy adaptation in real design, but would also correspond to the qualifications of real architect-designers, where the term designer would cover the whole range of professions from artist to engineer and from material scientist to lighting technician and physicist.

The Department works in a wide range of scientific fields, including the formation and development of the theory and philosophy of architecture, design of architectural environment, typology, urbanization of cities of Ukraine, forming architecture of Ukrainian theater. Over the years, the Department of Design of Architectural Environment has become one of the leaders in the developing and promoting the major of architect-designer in Ukraine.

Since the Department Design Architectural Environment has been founded its employees have published six monographs, five textbooks, dozens of lectures and hundreds of research paper, various pamphlets, albums and methodical editions. Also, the Department of Design of Architectural Environment is actively involved in organizing and conducting academic conferences, design seminars (workshops), competitions. Lecturers of the Department designed and built hundreds of public, educational, transport, service, residential, industrial, cultural and educational objects, urban planning and landscape ensembles, estates, formations in Kiev, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kosovo, Bolekhiv, Drohobych Boryslav, Ternopil, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Alushta, Berezhany, Dresden, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai and others.

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