Гуртки Малої технічної академії

Підготовка до творчих конкурсів та ЗНО

The Origins and the First Stages of Lviv Polytechnic National University Foundation

The beginning of the famous Technical Academy in Lviv dates back to November 4 1817 when studies began in the Imperial-Royal Real School in the building in 20 Virmenska street.

The three-year Real School was reorganized into the Imperial-Royal Real School of Technical Sciences and Commerce in Lviv (20 Virmenska str.) in 1825 according to the Royal decree of Austrian Emperor Franz I.

The School of Technical sciences and Commerce was transformed into the Imperial-Royal Real-Commerce Academy in Lviv (20 Virmenska str.) in 1835. In 1841 a technical faculty was opened there.

In 1844, the Imperial-Royal Technical Academy with a technical department and a commerce department (faculties) was opened in Lviv in Darowski building located in 2 Virmenska street. A part of Virmenska street to the crossing with Krakivska street was called Akademichna at that time because at the beginning of this street there was located the Imperial-Royal University named after Franz I in Lviv.

When it was opened, the Imperial-Royal Technical Academy in Lviv already had a good reputation and respect. Even the location of the Technical Academy near Kastrum square (Zamkova square), next to famous Lviv cultural institutions (the University Library, the Municipal Library of Skarbek Theatre, the Academic Gymnasium Library),enabled technical students to use them easily.

The Technical Academy (20 Teatralna str.) and later its successor, Lviv Polytechnic (12 Stepan Bandera str.), became the centre of the best technical professors in Galicia and young ambitions of its students. Under the supervision of highly qualified specialists, students persevere in mastering the art of architecture, engineering subjects and modern technological sciences.

PhD, Senior Research Fellow of the Ethnology Institute of
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
O. P. Noha 

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