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Vibratory Plate with Unbalanced Drive

The large containers with concrete mixture are installed on the vibratory plate. The vibrations on the plate surface are set up only in a vertical direction with specified amplitude at a constant cyclical frequency of the forced vibrations oscillations.

Technical specifications of the vibrating table

Forced frequency – 50 Hz
Working range of the oscillation amplitudes – 0.26-0.44 mm
Maximum overload applied to the part on the plate surface – 4 g
Load weight – 8800 kg
Power – 48 kW
Voltage – 380Vfrom network of 50 Hz
Overall dimensions of the vibrating table:
- width – 2500 mm
- length – 7036 mm 
- height – 584 mm 
Weight – 8000 kg

Основні переваги: 

high rigidity of the surface allows to suppress parasitic oscillations.

Вирішує проблеми: 

vibrating compaction of the concrete mixtures (liquid concrete mixtures).


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