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Vibratory Bin Feeders (technological equipment of dual-use)

Vibratory bin feeders provide technological operations with the various technical workpieces and parts.
The feeder bowl has a helical path on its inner or outer surface. The work pieces or parts are on the bottom of the bowl and execute a motion upward along the helical path due to vibrations. The output parts are arranged in line with a certain orientation.
The vibratory feeders allow smooth control of operation and motion of the parts of different shapes. They are used for automation of the technological operating process and assembling.
The required technical performance can be provided on request.

Основні переваги: 


no wedging;

smooth regulation;

high performance.

Вирішує проблеми: 

automation of the process of products separation out of the heap and their individual provision; orienting the products in space.


technology, technical documentation, finished product.