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Poisson Pulse Sequences Generators

Poisson pulse sequences generators (PPSG) are designed to form the pulse sequences according to Poisson distribution. PPSG are widely used in radio engineering, measuring technologies, information security systems and other areas, including simulation of random processes and information transmitting.
The new PPSG construction principle allows us to generate an output signal with the possibility of rapid change in its average frequency. This change is provided in a wide range with high installation precision and with set statistical characteristics. The generators can be implemented both with software and hardware.We also developed the new technique to check the PPSGquality.

Основні переваги: 

compliance with the set statistical characteristics;

opportunity of rapid change in the average frequency of the output signal with high accuracy;

possibility of the software and hardware implementation.

Вирішує проблеми: 

simulation of the random processes during developing, debugging and testing the measuring , radio and other devices and systems.


sale of the license, sale of the technical documentation, joint completion of the development to adapt it to the requirements of a particular system.