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Hashing Processors Based on SHA-1 Algorithm

Hashing processors are used to calculate hash functions within the specialized information security systems, including systems for generation of the digital signatures and authentication systems.

The development is based on specification of theSHA-1 hashing algorithm(FIPS180-1).
Processed data block size is 64 bits.
WISHBONE SlaveRev.B.1 interfacewith separate 32-bit input/output buses.
The development is represented as a technologically independent VHDL-model.

Основні переваги: 

arbitrary massage length (up to 264 bits);

processing of the 512-bit data block in 84 cycles;

high performance /low costs of hardware and power consumption.

Вирішує проблеми: 

providing the authentication of information sources and information integrity control during its transmission through the open communication channels in real time.


sale of the license, sale of the technical documentation, joint completion of the development to adapt it to the requirements of a particular system.