Scientific Publications

Scientific publications of the University:

  1. Thematic Series of Visnyk (Official Gazette) of Lviv Polytechnic National University:
    • Automation, Measurement and Control
    • Architecture
    • Dynamics, Strength and Design of Machines and Devices
    • Electricity and Electromechanical Systems
    • Informatization of Higher Educational Institution
    • Information Systems and Networks
    • Computer Science and Information Technologies
    • Computer Development Systems. Theory and Practice
    • Computer Systems and Networks
    • Logistics
    • Management and Entrepreneurship in Ukraine: Stages of Formation and Development Problems
    • Optimization of Production Processes and Technical Control in Machine Building and Instrumentation
    • Economics and Management Problems
    • Problems of Ukrainian Terminology
    • Radioelectronics and Telecommunications
    • Theory and Practice of Construction
    • Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    • Chemistry, Materials Technology and Application
    • Jurisprudence
  2. Interdepartmental scientific and technical collections:
    • Optimization of Production Processes in Machine Building and Instrumentation
    • Measurement Technology and Metrology
    • Geodesy, Cartography and Aerial Photography
  3. Scientific Journals
    • Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems / Досягнення у кібер-фізичних системах
    • Architectural studies / Архітектурознавство
    • Chemistry and Chemical Technology
    • Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering
    • Economics, Entrepreneuship, Management
    • Energy Engineering and Control Systems / Енергетика та системи керування
    • Environmental Problems / Екологічні проблеми
    • Historical and Cultural Studies / Історико-культурні студії
    • Humanitarian Vision / Гуманітарні візії
    • Mathematical Modeling and Computing / Математичне моделювання та інформаційні технології
    • Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science / Український журнал із машинобудування і матеріалознавства
    • Ukrainian Journal of Educational Research / Український журнал досліджень в освіті
    • Journal of Geodynamics / Геодинаміка
    • Catalysis and Petrochemistry
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