Програма «Jean Mone»

Jean Monnet programme - is one of the educational programs of the European Union, whose purpose is to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the society in the EU and beyond it boarders about European integration.


As part of the Jean Monnet European Union allocates funds to universities to start a teaching of subjects related to the theme of European integration and the development of research activities in this field. The subjects, in general, relate to the development of the European community, the European law, the European economy, the European policy, the history of European integration and more.


The program supports the following activities:


• Education and Research: Modules, departments and Jean Monnet centers of excellence.

• Support of the associations: Jean Monnet supports the formation and development of the associations.

• Support of the discussions with the academic world.

PIC Lviv Polytechnic National University  №998579305

More information about the program can be found here.

More  detailed  information about the program in attached files.

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