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Ukrainians and Poles commemorated famous Lviv scientists shot by Nazists in 1941

4 Jul 2018, 11:28
Press service of Lviv Polytechnic

On July 3, 2018, on the Vuletsky hills in Lviv, near the memorial of famous Lviv professors and political activists shot by the German Nazists, a traditional commemorative meeting took place. The head of the Lviv regional state administration Oleh Syniutka, deputy Lviv city mayor Andrii Moskalenko and representatives of the academic community and public activists attended the ceremony.

In Lviv arrived a large Polish delegation, which included leaders, scientific and pedagogical workers from a number of Polish universities: Wroclaw Medical University, University of Life Sciences, Academy of Physical Education, Wroclaw University, Opole University of Technology, Kartonosk State Higher School, University of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts , Academy of People's Army, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin and Poznań Polytechnics. Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Lviv Rafal Wolski also attended the commemoration ceremony of victims of Nazism.

Some of the initiators of the monument construction – representatives of the Wroclaw Polytechnic, headed by Vice-Rector Andrzej Kucharski also came to Lviv. The delegation included Professor Tadeusz Więckowski – Doctor Honoris Causa of Lviv Polytechnic. Seven years ago, he was the rector of Wroclaw Polytechnic, and thanks to him and the rector of Lviv Polytechnic, professor Yurii Bobal was erected this magnificent monument, which its creators – Ukrainians and Poles – called «Do not kill!».

– This monument, emphasized Lviv Polytechnic rector-in-charge Professor Volodymyr Pavlysh, has one very significant meaning. It is a sign of reconciliation and understanding with our Polish friends and colleagues. It is a symbol of purification from the negative layers and falsifications of history in the past. Today we bow our heads, honoring the memory of these martyrs of conscience and honor, the scientific researchers of the Lion city. And at the same time, we think about the future, hoping history won’t repeat itself.

At the end, the priests of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic churches conducted a memorial service. Memorial wreaths and flowers were placed on the monument...

Photos – Yosyp Marukhniak